Hypnotherapy Script

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Remember to do this slowly, give time and space

“…” is to indicate a pause

First Step – Relaxation and/or Deepener

Take some nice deep breaths just breathing in calm and breathing out tension, just breathing, that’s right….

Sending a message to the body that its okay to relax, sending a message to the mind that its okay to let go, just for a little while…  Become aware of your clothes on your skin, become aware of the space that your body occupies...  Become aware of the chair beneath you and just allow it to hold you in a way in which you need to be held….  Send a message to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and that its okay to allow the chair to take control… Just for a little while… it’s okay to just be…  It’s safe.

That’s right, just taking this moment now to just be.

Become aware of the stillness within…The silence…  Listening on the inside… and become aware of the spaciousness, the deeper you go… the more space there is… Like a warm hug created by you, for you.

Second Step – Trace the belief, memory, emotion or sensation

Could be pinpointing or free association

Use metaphors to find something

Third Step – Allow the memory, emotion and sensation to be acknowledged & expressed

What’s happening there now? Expand on the memory… use the senses to intensify the memory.

Let them tell the story.

And how does it feel to XXX?

Where do you feel it in your body?

What colour is it?

What texture, what shape?

That’s right…  Just allow it to be there, its waited a long time to be able to be there… Just stay with it…

Again wait and give them time if they are emotional, let them be emotional.  Don’t rescue them! Just stay with it

If they are in a memory;

What is it that the younger part of you really wanted to say or do but never did? 

And can you allow that younger part of you to do that now?  Is there anything else they need for support? 

Allow them to use their imagination they can express in anyway, it can be as extreme as they like.

You can always invite the adult part in to support or angels or anyone they want…

Ensure that after they express what they need to express that the sensations in the body are gone.  If they are not repeat.

If they are not in a memory then allow them to express the sensations in the body… this can happen in anyway they imagine.  Maybe they breath it out like smoke, maybe they burn it, blow it up.  Be creative.


Fourth Step – Resolution

Once they have released and expressed everything, they need to…

What’s there now?

If its something negative repeat step 3

If it’s something positive;

Where do you feel XX in your body? ….  What does it feel like? Shaking, tickling, warm?...

Just allow it to be there its waited a very long time to be able to be there.  Allow it to be integrated into every cell of your being and allowing your unconscious mind to link and connect this experience in way in which you can move forward and in way that is just right for you…  To become more and more aware of these new emotions, to become more and more connected to them so they influence your everyday life in a way that is just right for you…

Is there anything that the younger part of you would like to say or show you?

Is there anything that you would like to say or show that younger part of you?

Give space here

Just thanking that younger part of you for being with you today…

That’s right…

And just taking some nice deep breaths as you allow that part of you to fade into the light, safe and secure…

And in a moment beginning that process of coming back to the here and now….

That’s right…

1. feel the energy surging through your body

2. feeling more and more awake

3. Wiggling fingers and toes

4. preparing to open your eyes

5. opening your eyes, being fully awake, fully alert back here, back now.

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