I don’t have the money/It’s too expensive

Remember its not about the money!  Its about their fear.

If you did have enough money would you be a “yes” to this program?


Okay great, so let’s take a look at this a bit more, you have said to me that you want to make XXX Per month.  Correct?

So, that works out XX Per year.  Correct?

And if you are earning XX per year, how many years might you do that for?  Perhaps 10?

Okay so if can earn XX in 10 years, would $2495 be a wise investment?

“No, you are right that would be a wise investment” – Absolutely, so how would you like to pay?

“Oh yes but I just do not have the money” – okay so tell me, what have you done previously to get money for things that you couldn’t afford?

Re-present offer or give a new offer (deposit, lower price, instalment).