I have to think about it.

I have to think about it.

(Remember that its not about thinking about it.  Its about feeling safe and secure to make the investment)

Okay Fred so what I am hearing is that you are not ready to decide now, is that right?

If you were ready to make a decision, do you see how the 5 step – methodology is going to help get you to XX, XX and XX goals?

No – Then find out more and fix it! (using 5 Step Methodology)

Yes – Continue (be aware that they are identifying that the program is good, its their fear that is getting in the way).

Okay so let’s have a look into this Fred.

There are 3 types of decision makers, those who have to speak to everyone about things, who cant make a decision by themselves and constantly spin their wheels.  Do you feel these people will be successful in their business? No right.

There are other types of people who simply do not decide, they put it off and put it off and put it off.  They often don’t even get to spin their wheels right!

Do you feel these people will be successful in their business?

Then there are the likes of Tony Robbins, Ray Higdon, Gloria MacDonald who have no problems making decisions and understand that decisions are key to successful business.  Do you agree that these people have been successful in their businesses?

Would you agree that it is important to be like successful people in your business?

Okay Fred, lets just re-cap here.  You have said that you want to reach XX and XX and XX within the next 6 months.  Correct?

And you also said that you are a X out of 10 committed to reaching your dreams.  Correct?

Wait….  Silence…. Allow the client to process this…. It is likely that people will begin to talk themselves around without you having to do anything.  If not then…

So how would you like to pay today?

If he is still a not sure, then…

Tell me more Fred, what is it you are unsure of….

Whatever his uncertainty is, see if you can solve it with the 5 step- methodology.

 For example,

 So I understand that you are not sure if you can make this program work and that’s ok, its normal and actually that’s what motivates us!  AND would you agree that the 5 Step Methodology that we just went through would be a strategy that would overcome XX XX and XX and get you to your goals of XX XX XX?

That’s right!


You can share a story or your story about how you overcame fear to make a significant investment.

Then reassure them with something, remember, its not that they need to think about it, its that they are scared.

 For Example,

As I have said I will be working with you 1:1 to get you to those goals.  All you need to do is show up.  Can you do that? 

Great! Let’s do it! 

If they are still unsure or to give you another idea:

So, tell me Fred, how will it feel to still be having this exact conversation a year from now?

Let’s be logical about this now Fred, can you really afford to wait?

How do you imagine it will feel to be earning XX and doing XX and feeling XX (goals) a year from now?

How do you feel about waiting any longer and let’s do this now?

Another idea may be:

So, Fred, can I ask you a question? 

Is this a hobby or a business for you?  What I mean by that is a hobby is something that costs you money, something that you do in your spare time and is funded by your main income.  A business is something that earns you money and something that gives you money to have hobbies. 

So, is this a business or a hobby right now?

What would you like it to be? (ask even if they say it is a business).

So do you feel that this program is going to help you turn this from a hobby to a business and get you to your goals of XXX?


So do you feel this program is going to expand your business and get you to your goals of XXX?

Okay great so now that you have made that decision lets get started!