I need to speak to my spouse

So if your spouse is a yes, are you a 100% yes?

Okay so what normally happens when you speak to your spouse about these things Fred?

Would you like me to share some of my experience in these matters?

Have you ever shared your dream with your wife?  In my experience not many people have and actually when they do, it allows your wife to understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Does that make sense?  Is that something you feel you can do?  Do you see how that will help?

So, in my experience, your wife is not looking to know about the program or how long it is for or for any details.  Normally your partner is looking for confidence in YOU.  Confidence in your confidence.

So, imagine this Fred, You go home and say to your wife,

“hey, I have found this program which I THINK will be pretty good.  Maybe I can make a go it this time, I am feeling confident.”


Imagine going home with something like this,

“Hey, I found this program and I am 100% committed to it.  I have paid for it to hold my place, dependant on what decision we make together.  I want to do this program because its essential to me to get to my goals of XX, XX and XX.  I want to do this and actually I am 100% committed to achieving my goals so we can XX, XX and XX together.  Can you understand that?

WAIT!  Don’t speak!  Let the client think about this and imagine it….

Let them speak first.