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Please upload your call here. When the file is more than 256Mb, then upload the video to a google drive or dropbox, and add the link to that file in the comments below. 

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Brooks Golden September 7, 2022

Part 1:!AlLZYhWNV6ZdhOF55OvjmUrBhwsaqA?e=xMtQyf
Part 2:!AlLZYhWNV6ZdhOF4uWG0XZHjeLrV9g?e=EV8FlH

I actually think this one is better, but same thing happened as the previous one except we didn’t get to finish it:!AlLZYhWNV6ZdhOF9wMQ6GqgvtZrSUQ?e=kDusf3

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